About us

IndiaRetailBiz is a link blog about retail industry in general and Indian retail industry in particular.

IndiaRetailBiz attempts to capture the excitement associated with the Indian retail industry, which is growing at a fast pace. IndiaRetaiBiz aggregates the best in News, Views, Analysis, Research, Education, Knowledge, Technology, Trends and every thing else that is timely, relevant, interesting, useful, authentic and relevant to the Indian retail industry.

While, majority of the blog’s content will revolve around the Indian retail industry, it will not shy away from covering certain aspects of the global retail industry, which may impact the Indian industry, now or in future.

IndiaRetailBiz is owned by Delta Systems (P) Ltd- a management consultancy, which offers professional consultancy services in the area of strategic enterprise management with emphasis on strategic marketing and retail management.

This blog is managed by a team of professional consultants led by K. K. Sureka, its Managing Director. KKS has more than three decades of senior managerial experience at highest levels. During his career, he has conceived, conceptualized, implemented and managed several industries and businesses.

IndiaRetailBiz welcomes reader comments, suggestions and contributions, which may kindly be communicated via ‘comment box’ provided below.


12 responses to “About us

  1. Thanx Mr. KK for correcting and updating the brand name HOMME so promptly.I appreciate your efforts.Kindly brief me as whats the criteria and how one can contribute/share the thoughts and informations to your coloumns related to retail business ?Awaiting for your valuable response.

    Thnaking you.

    Mukesh Goel

  2. Hi!

    Thanks a lot for revisiting.
    The criteria for submitting contributions. They should be authentic, timely and relavant to retail industry, particularly Indian retail industry. They should be original. Otherwise, the source should have been identified and duly acknowledged. ‘Hope, this is adequate information.

    Looking forward to your continued interest,


  3. Am keen to get in touch with your lead retail writers for an association with an awards night.

  4. Thanks a lot for your interest. An e-mail is being forwarded to you giving required details.

  5. Plz provide me the detials of House Full Retail Ltd Operation Manager’s
    e-Mail Id

  6. I am keen in getting in touch with the counter sales staff / Sales executive working for big malls / retail in chennai.
    I would like to conduct a free work shop for them on stress management/ customer relationship.

  7. hi im doing my mba…please enlighten as to
    how much is “shopping experience in a retail store” be useful as a topic of research for the corporates?

  8. Satya Ranjan Nath

    Can u send the daily happening in retail sector in my E-mail.thanking you.

  9. Satya: ‘Thanks a lot for your interest. Although, we have provided a link for subscribing to e-mail service on the right sidebar, we have included your name fo r dail delivery of the posts in your e-mail box.

  10. good coverage. Lot of repeatations were seen.Can you furnish comparison of retail performance in Developed & Developing country? What is the bencnmarking of US retailer to come to india on large scale?

  11. ‘Thanks a lot for your observations.

    As to why the US retailers, and for that matters retailers from the Europe, are flocking to India, the simple answer appears to be the rate of growth that India offers in the next 10 to 15 years. We have just begun riding the growth curve, while, the developed markets are witnessing saturation.
    We will try to bring more information on the subject.

  12. If we are having business license in some other state, still can we get entry pass?

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