Nirula’s ride retail boom; launch two new formats

Nirula's ExpressWith the recent launch of a Nirula’s “Express” restaurants at Delhi’s domestic airport and MMX Mall at Mohan Nagar as well as Shoprix Mall at Noida, the home grown, North Indian fast food retail chain has decided to ride the retail and real estate boom.

Nirula’s “Express” counters, admeasuring about 200 sq ft, to be located in high traffic areas including airports, railway stations, malls and metro stations, would among others offer ‘take away’ food like sandwiches, pastries, ice creams, soft drinks, other beverages, apart from gift items and consumer products.

Additionally, Nirula’s will also be setting up ice cream kiosks inside air-conditioned premises, which among others will offer sundaes, shakes, sodas, coffee & tea, pastries, apart from ice creams.

Nirula’s regular food court units, located inside malls, multiplexes and large commercial complexes, in comparison, would occupy larger space (about 400 sq ft) and offer more food choice. In addtion to the ‘Express’ fare, they would also offer pizzas, burgers and Indian food items. Gurgaon will soon have first unit of this format.

Nirula’s, which has operates a chain of restaurants, including Pot Pouri casual dining outletd and two hotels, in 42 locations across north India, is presently owned by Kuckrejas and Navis- a Malaysia-based private equity fund.

News Source: The Economic Times

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