Burger King to dine with Pantaloon in India?

burger_kingClose on heels of the announcement of Kishore Biyani owned, Rs. 2,199 crore, retail major Pantaloon tieing up with Starbucks- the world’s biggest coffeee shop chain, comes the buzz of Pantaloon’s possible tie up with the US-based, world’s second biggest, US$ 2,048 million, 37,000 employees strong, international fast food restaurants chain, Burger King.

Burger King, founded in 1954, in a suburb of Miami, is a large fast food chain of more than 11,100 restaurants spread across 65 countries. The restaurant chain is predominantly selling burgers, French fries, soft drinks, desserts, and sandwiches. Burger King’s trademark product is a hamburger called the Whopper. The Whopper is also a line of sandwiches, all made with the same ingredients.

Burger King Chain, which is the world’s second biggest fast food chain after McDonalds, follows a strong franchisee based model. 90% of the chain’s restaurants are, family owned, independent franchisees. It is speculated that Burger King for its foray into India would like to follow a similar model.


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