Wal-Mart defends reputation through Ad campaign

Wal-Mart-logoWal-Mart, the world’s biggest retailer, which faces a lot of public ire, particularly from politicians, labour unions and other activist groups in the US, about its pathetic labour policies and pushing small businesses out of town, has decided to take its case straight to the public by running a series of television ads on national channels. These ads praise its record as an employer and corporate citizen, reports AP.

Wal-Mart was the focus of two high-profile but unsuccessful efforts last year to legislate how it treats employees. Wal-Mart has been talking, for months, about its record to the media but has not been able to stem the rot.

The campaign will emphasis key points:

  • It creates tens of thousands of jobs a year,
  • Offers employee health plans for as little as $23 a month,
  • Saves “the average working family” more than $2,300 a year through its low prices, and
  • Is a major contributor to local charities with donations last year totaling more than $245 million.

“Wal-Mart is living in a bizarre state of denial, where no matter how bad their public reputation is, they still believe that a tired ad campaign can fool the American public into believing it is OK to exploit millions of working families,” said Chris Kofinis, spokesman of a Union-funded campaign group reacting to the news.

Wal-Mart, it may be recalled, has recently tied up with telecom major Bharti for its retail foray into India.


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