S Kumar plans 10 fold increase in fashion retail network; to set up 1,000 outlets in 3 years

s.kumar_logoS Kumars Nationwide (SKNL), the textile and apparel major, is gearing up to strengthen its retail presence by hiving off its retail business into a new strategic business unit and list the same on the exchanges within a quarter. As a precursor to this, the company has already acquired the retail business of its subsidiary Brandhouse Retails, according to a Business Standard report.

Within the next three years, the company according to plans, will expand its current retail network across the country from about 90 stores to 1,000 exclusive stores. The company is negotiating with many international brands so as to exclusively introduce them in India.

SKNL wants to launch two out of the four international brands, it has planned for this year, by September, 2007. It will soon launch Stephens Brother, a formal wear brand in the super premium segment. Beside Stephens Brother, SKNL will also set up outlets for two new international brands – Escada and Dunhill.

SKNL will focus on fashion and accessory retailing and mostly deal with luxury, high-end super brands in the country.


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