41st Big Bazaar launched in Hyderabad; to cross 100 before Bharati-Wal-Mart debut

big bazaar logoKishore Biyani owned, India’s biggest listed retail company, Pantaloon Retail (India) launched 41st of its Big Bazaar, hypermarket store in Hyderabad, on Friday, the 5th. Set up with an investment of Rs. 15 crore and housed in 52,000 sq. ft. of retail space, this is the second of the planned seven Big Bazaar stores in Hyderabad. The company has planned to have an equal number of stand alone Food Bazaars in the city. Pantaloon expects to gross Rs. 100 crore in turnover from this store located on the busy RTC Cross roads of the city. Locations for the balance five Big Bazaar stores in the city have also been finalised.

Pantaloon is planning to take its tally of Big Bazaars in the south from present 11 to 30, around 50% of which will be in tier II cities, including 15 new locations like Vijaywada and Visakhapatnam.

The discount format, Big Bazaar value store chain, presently grosses combined turnover of 2,000 crore and offers 1.6 lakh items for sale.

Speaking to media persons on the occasion, Rohit Malhotra, Head Operations-Pantaloon (South Zone) said that the company has planned to reach the 100 stores target for Big Bazaar within a few months. It may be recalled that Pantaloon had earlier announced its plans to open 100 Big Bazaars prior to Bharati-WalMart retail chain making its planned debut in India in mid-August, 2007.


One response to “41st Big Bazaar launched in Hyderabad; to cross 100 before Bharati-Wal-Mart debut

  1. Now competition is very very hot and soon FDI will be allowed… One famous strategy consultant says….. now in your distribution channel goods will move in millions…….millions of cases of toothpastes, millions of refrigerators, dishwashers, and so on.

    So the next logic is low cost of production with good quality. Next logic is then they will globalise. And next logic is manufacturing industry will employ more people and next logic is more job in manufacturing triggering factors contributing to increase in purchasing power and the next logic is increase in demand for products.

    I don’t know if its like shekhchilli dreaming ? But I heard it from one the best strategist whom I admire a lot. But I am still thinking….. are we not forgetting at least some of the dimensions? Is your string theory incomplete? Or you suggesting a radical new M theory????

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