‘Zapak’ to open 600 gaming cafés in 200 cities

zapak_logo‘Zapak’ Digital Entertainment, an online gaming company and a part of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group owned Reliance Entertainment Ltd, which recently launched a gaming portal, is planning to cash in on the gaming boom in the country. It has decided to set up a retail chain of more than 600 gaming cafes to be called  ‘Zapak Zones’, to reach out to 200 cities with a capacity of 100,000 kiosk seats in the next three years. These cafes will be based on a franchisee model. The first 10 Zapak zones in a test phase, according to media reports, will be launched in 10 major cities in the next three months. The company is targetting 10 million subscribers next year and 50 million subscribers within four years. The gaming cafes would provide the essential broadband access for its online offerings and help build Zapak communities.

Zapak has been named after a lot of research. It denotes speed, youth, fun and whacky stuff!

To finance these operations, Zapak will invest about Rs. 500 crore. This will not only cover setting up of the cafes but will also help enlarge the content portfolio, which will include uniquely Indian games, including mythological ones. Zapak wants to offer world class content. Zapak will also establish a development centre.

Reliance sees a great future for online gaming in India, which has more than 300,000 hardcore gamers. Internationally, gaming fetches more revenues than Hollywood and India too should be no exception in this regard. Reliance expects gaming in India to be also bigger than the Bollywood and anticipates the market to reach around Rs. 900 crore within a period of three years.


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