IndiaRetailBiz is ‘numero uno’ among Growing Business Blogs on WordPress

18th December, 2006 is a momentous day in the life of this business weblog of your choice.

Today, IndiaRetailBiz achieved the distinction of being included in the list of “growing blogs” on the wordpress platform, which at the time of writing, is hosting a whopping 541,127 blogs.

IRB Mast Head

IndiaRetailBiz has been ranked 55th on the list of 100 such “growing blogs,” which includes all categories of blogs.

In fact, IndiaRetailBiz ahieved the No.1 rank if blogs under “business” category alone were accounted.

But for your tremendous support to our effort, we could not have climbed up to this position, in just two months of our having launched this blog.

We are grateful to all our readers for their kind support in making this blog popular in such a short span of time.

Could we have asked for a better New Year Gift?


3 responses to “IndiaRetailBiz is ‘numero uno’ among Growing Business Blogs on WordPress

  1. Heartiest congratulations on your achievement. I knew that you would grow fast but I had not reckoned so fast.

    Keep it up!

  2. Congrats Guys !!
    This is amazing news. I love your blog and being a retail enthusiast myself, I feel all the more happy.

  3. Great. You very much deserve the achievement. You are regular and consistent. Your selection of subjects is varied and interesting. Your presentation of stories is crisp and elegant. You make your posts relevant by providing a lot of useful and contextual information. Keep it up!

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