Subhiksha claims five Reliance ‘heads’

subhiksha_Reliance In the midst of reports doing rounds in the business media of Reliance Retail eyeing ‘Subhiksha’ as a takeover target , here comes the news of five senor executives leaving Reliance Retail to join the food, grocery, pharmaceutical and the telecom chain ‘Subhiksha.’ As per a news report published in the Economic Times, in the past six weeks, five Reliance managers, at VP and AVP levels, have left Reliance Retail to take up assignments with the discount chain Subhiksha, which is expanding its decade old chain to 1,000 stores by end 2007.

The exodus of managers from Reliance Retail is rather intriguing, particularly when they have announced the biggest investment retail roll out in the country. Only a few weeks back the high profile Rajeev Karwal, who was heading the consumer durables’ operations at Reliance Retail, had left the organisation.

Reliance people have moved to Subhiksha across various regions where the retail chain is on an expansion spree. It may be recalled that R. Subramanian promoted, Chennai based no frills, neighbourhood, convenience store formate chain of late is growing at a break neck speed. It claims to be aiming the turnover of Rs. 3,500 crore in the year 2007.

“Retailing in India is at a stage where people movement is happening at a furious pace as every player requires personnel for their operations,” said Subramanian to the Economic Times.


2 responses to “Subhiksha claims five Reliance ‘heads’

  1. Its Impact on Competition. I don’t think So.

    As a Risk and Strategy Consultant, I will tell you the way of retaining Talent in near future and strategy to develop superior competitive advantage.

    Before I give any thoughts, I will tell you the reason behind leaving of Top heads from RIL team .

    At this critical stage of project roll out the Heads who left never been given recognition by the left and right hands of M. Ambani had never paid attention if the fellows existed or not or was doing something critical or not.

    Secondly, everyone wants a little credit or space to breath. No matter the circumstances, never, never, ever threaten an employee.

    Now I give some Tips lessons to be learned.

    —Keep It simple.
    —Follow the organisation structure you have mapped initially don’t rewrite it frequently just because a consultant told to you to do so.
    —Senior Management should not have more faith on BIG Consulting companies and BIG 4 compared to its own brains.
    —I am sure you have to look at your Knowledge Management Process Again…. Have any body suggested you anything so far or consultants are just minting money.
    —- Please see cost benefits of each alternatives fast… Decisions are to be taken on time .. don’t vacillate between two options for long time…

    Or don’t bring a new alternative at final stage… ensure you have all alternatives in picture in the beginning itself….

    Remaining flexible is good. but where is sense of patriotism?? Harmony, transparency and unity??? … What is the slogan for RIL Retail Team…. M. Ambani needs to meet all…… talk to all……. not just MM DD YY.

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