Railways offer unparalleled all round opportunity fo retail growth

railwaysNotwithstanding the sudden growth witnessed by civil aviation sector in the past few years, railways continue to remain life line of the country.

With 6,984 railway stations, railways not only reach every nook and corner of the country (well almost) but also connect supply centers of rural India to consumption centers of urban India. While, 14,300 trains running every day, offer best meeting points for a cross section of people, more than 13 million passangers travelling a day offer an unparalleled sales opportunity. Also, the 63,028 route kilometers of tracks, if exploited efficiently, could provide one of the best logistic networks available anywhere in the world.

Add to this, the availibility of 44,000 hactares of vacant land and you get the full picture of what railways can do for the growth of retail in the country.

No wonder then that all big ticket retailers, like Reliance, Bharatis, Birlas and Pantaloon, who are working on setting up pan-India retail networks, are all lining up to ally with the railways to exploit both the front-end and the back end opportunities being offered by the railways . According to a Business Standard report, the retailers are exploring possibilities, with the railway authorities, of setting up ware houses and cold chain along the railway’s network. The railways too look at retail as an emerging opportunity from which to begin with they are expecting to garner four percent of their revenues next year.

A clear policy framework is likely to emerge soon from the railways for use of the land, especially in retail and warehousing, after discussions with the corporate houses. They have already set up the Rail Land Development Authority this year for this purpose.


One response to “Railways offer unparalleled all round opportunity fo retail growth

  1. Indian Railway is the biggest. Connect all major towns, cities and villages.

    I dont think anything better can be thought than to use the potential of Railways. If any one wants to access India, has to use just Railway in next 10 years at least.

    Smoothest distribution vehicle, passenger vehicle, footfalls, correct place for increasing awareness, market centres etc.

    Palace on Wheels— A Private one. A private Station? A Private Station Mall.

    Even Small Villages can also Have malls at the station.???

    One unique Idea:

    Each Station on a Route can be made a Torist Destination. How??? Indians Are creative.. And Indian Villages are Beautiful In deed. ” So Develop Tourism”

    Develop a Science Centre with a Telescope…..where you can see a clear Sky…?

    Spiritualism… Hey Any body have any idea about Retail Spiritualism??? Open Ashrams so that people visit such places.

    Reatil should spread with a purpose… Not just to increase consumerism but quality of life.

    Hey can IIM open its biggest centre at some small village??? Connect by Railways off course??

    A Cricket Ground??? In a small Village???? Let see if how small villagers Enjoy Live cricket between India & Australia… Hey cricketor .. take some hardship….. live in Camps dont always ask for 5 Star Hotel

    A Bollywood Centre? Is it possible to bring Hollywood to any Indian Village? I dont know Wal mart may help??

    Choose a Village not a town….. now Let begin to reach Villages…

    Hello any more new ideas for Indian villages and using railways to send modern retail to villages…

    Many Thanks…….Railways

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