One in every eight jobs will be created by retail

According to a study done by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for the Planning Commission, private sector will be the engine of growth in employment in the organized sector in the next decade. Organized business can create eighty million new jobs in 36 sectors during the 11th plan, provided, the government puts in place a policy and regulatory framework that is conducive to the development of private entrepreneurship in the country.The one factor that could constrain growth in all 36 sectors, the study says, is infrastructure inadequacy in both rural and urban areas.

The top five sectors, which would account for 51 million of 80 million or two third of all jobs, include: Tourism (19.6 mn), Construction (9.9 million), Retail (9 mn), Tobacco and Tobacco Products (6.4 mn) and Healthcare (6.1 mn). Other sectors offering employment potential of one million or more jobd would comprise: Transport including railways (4.2 million), Gems and Jewellery (3.16 mn), Horticulture (2.6 mn), Automotives (2.5 million), Oil and Gas (2.3 million), Food (2.1 million), Khadi (1.9 million), Banking and Financial services (1.1 million), and Media & Entertainment (1.0 million).

The study has urged the government and the Planning Commission in particular to seriously consider an ambitious programme of infrastructure development for the entire 11th Plan, covering road, rail, air and water transport, power generation, transmission and distribution and telecommunications.


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