‘Cash and Carry’: What they offer?

Our previous post on ‘Cash and Carry’ wholeselling operations has genererated more than expected interest in the subject. A couple of our readers have sought further information, particularly on the kind of services actually rendered by these wholesellers. We have, therefore, thought it fit to take relevant excerpts from promotional literature of Maxico based Economy Cash & Carry. We have ommitted references to geographical regions, brand names and working communities from the following excerpt:

cashncarryWe serve the entire grocer market including wholesalers, wholesaler/retailers, supermarkets, convenience stores, mom and pop stores and street vendors. Our customers operate and sell throughout the entire country. Our 4,000-item inventory includes retail, institutional, refrigerated and frozen foods; non-foods; candy and confections. Our customer services include bilingual communication at every level, a promoter program for high volume items in the supermarket chains, document administration to meet export requirements; credit facility; market analysis and site visits. We have many diverse products but every time we do business, personal relationships and understandings are what matters.

We are in the business of taking care of your needs. Our professional, intelligent, and hardworking employees come from xxx community. Our customers are trusting, good hardworking people. The communities support us and we like to support them in return. We love this land it is our goal to be still going strong after the next 40 years.

(Photo above depicts a warehouse of Economy Cash & Carry, Mexico)


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