Pantaloon woos youth with ‘Top 10′ and ‘Jealous 21′

pantaloon_logoKishore Biyani owned, Rupees 2,199 crore, Future group flagship, Pantaloon is launching two new brands to exclusively woo youth segment, particularly the college students, reports Business Standard.

The Future Group, has recently launched ‘Jealous 21,’ with opening of its first store in Mumbai. ‘Jealous 21,’ a denim wear brand targeted at women aged between 21 (+/-4) years, offers a range of casual, club, and denim wear collection for the middle and upper middle income segments. Indus League Clothing, the group company responsible for marketing ‘Jealous 21’ plans to open 16 ‘Jealous 21’ stores by June 2007 in eight big cities across the country. Over the next 3 years, apart from the department and lifestyle stores, ‘Jealous 21’ will also be made available through 130 odd stand-alone stores.

The second youth brand christened ‘Top 10,’ which has been named after taking into consideration the popularity, particulary among college going students, of the weekly top 10 listings of movies, music and books, etc. being published by news papers, TV channels, etc.

‘Top 10’ among others will offer the best 10 styles and fashion collections for the youth and will have a special collection dedicated to colleges in Mumbai.

“It is well known that campus rivalry exists among college students and one always takes pride in wearing the college batch on their sleeves,” said Zahid Shaikh, chief of marketing

The first ‘Top 10’ store will be launched in Mumbai within a week.


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