Wal-Mart is more poweful than any other retailer

wal_mart_logoWal-Mart, the $416 billion, “Always Low Prices” behemoth, is not only the world’s largest retailer but also the world’s largest company; bigger than ExxonMobil, General Motors, and General Electric. The scale is unbelievable. Wal-Mart in one quarter sells more than what its nearest retailing competitor the No.2 US retailer, Home Depot, sells in one year.

And, Wal-Mart has no real rivals in its own category of general merchandise and groceries. Wal-Mart does more business than Target, Sears, Kmart, J.C. Penney, Safeway, and Kroger put together. “Clearly, Wal-Mart is more powerful than any retailer has ever been,” says Edward Fox, head of Southern Methodist University’s J.C. Penney Center for Retailing Excellence.

Wal-Mart, thus, is, so big and so furtively powerful as to have become an entirely different order of corporate being.

Source: The Fast Company


One response to “Wal-Mart is more poweful than any other retailer

  1. It is obvious that walmart is too big and too powerful. Would it eat up small kirana shops? What would happen to the famous new stores like big bazar and star bazar?

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