Cellphone or ‘Sell’phone?

cellphoneCellphones, or more appropriately ‘sell’phones, are becoming quite versatile and may soon turn out to be the retailers’ best friends. This may soon become true in case of India as well, where millions of cellphones are getting added every month. Only last month, in October 2006, more than six million new cellphones were sold in India.

Presently, Japan is truly a leader in usage of cellphones for retailing purposes, where as reported earlier, cellphones are extensively used by consumers to purchase soft drinks, train tickets and similar stuff from vending machines. Many well known international retailers like McDonalds, Subway, Barnes & Noble, etc. are also trying out cell phones to retail their products.

Cellphones, to begin with, can be used to make payments. They can beam a signal to the sales terminal and can make purchases like contactless credit cards or they can use their phone numbers as an identification code for a short period, which can then link the sales transaction to a credit card information stored in a file elsewhere.

Although Cellphones presently are hardly used in India for retail, we will continue to cover their usage, in future, as in times to come we see their great potential for retail in India.


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