More shopping, more entertainment; Malabar Shopping Festival

kerala_danceKozhikode (Calicut), which is celeberating 140th anniversary of its foundation, will host a month long The Great Malabar Shopping Festival from December 20, 2006. Tghe festival will be on the lines of the Dubai Shopping Festival. The motto of the festival has aptly been chosen as: “More shopping, more entertainment.” During the festival, streets will wear a festive look and shops will be decorated. A lot of entertainment and sports has been planned to keep the shoppers entertained and attracted. Among the many activities planned, the major ones include, a snow park; water sports events; business seminars; magic shows; paragliding, hot-air balloon and bungee jumping; a flower show; an aqua show; a handicraft exhibition; a film festival; circus and a magic show. A halwa festival has also been arranged on the sidelines.

“It will be a display of public-private partnership, falling during the Christmas vacation and New Year time.”


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