Like a product but don’t know how to buy? Well, technology could help


How many times have you wanted to buy the sexy looking bike driven by John Abrham in “Dhoom” or the ornamented, period, outfit worn by Aishwarya Roy in ‘Umrao Jaan,’ but didn’t know the brand or the merchant or the price?

Well, help is already on the way! Customers can now click their mouse on images of celebrities wearing accessories or on accessories like watches, handbags, shoes, belts, jewelry, which they like on a newly launched visual search web site called The website displays a detailed list of different versions of the clicked item at different price points from about 200 merchants. The site features about two million different products, which are growing by the day. Almost, 30,000 images are added every day. Soon, clothings will also get added to the list of merchandise that can be visually searched. is the first visual search engine, which allows consumers to search for items by appearance instead of just text!

Well, the help for Indian consumers may be little away, as the search engine presently displays images of western celebrities only.

Picture alongside shows Paris Hilton at the “Street Sexy” fashion show wearing a watch. Well, you can get detailed a list of different versions and price points of the watch here.

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