Trinethra expanding network from 155 to 230 stores; to launch new hypermarket in Mysore


Rs. 170 crore, Trinethra Super Retail, with a retail network of 155 stores spread all over the southern India is next month launching its first, 50,000-sq-ft, hypermarket, FabCity, in Mysore, according to a report in the Hindu Business Line.

Although, operating under the brand name of Fabmall in Karnataka, the new hypermarket will be known as Fabcity, which will offer usual household items, like, food, grocery, home appliances, electronics, apparel, cosmetics and personal care products.

In the next phase of its growth, apart from hypermarkets in big cities like Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai, Trinethra is also mulling over setting them in tier-II towns. Besides, the company is also entering ‘quick shops’ to enable daily top-ups by consumers.

Trinethra, which currently has a network of 155 stores is expanding its network to 230 stores across southern states of the country. The expansion plan envisages 103 stores in Andhra Pradesh (currently: 86), 56 stores in Karnataka (35), 26 stores in Kerala (8), and 43 stores in Tamil Nadu (26).

Trinethra expects to achieve a turnover of Rs. 360 crore by March, 2007.


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