Ebel launches Brasilia; to expand retail network

ebel_logoEbel, the swiss luxury watch maker, has decided to add seven outlets to existing 15, through its retail initiative “Beyond Luxury,” within a period of one year. Despite having been delayed a lot in India, Ebel is determined to work hard and carve out a decent share for its range of ladies’ luxury watches, in a market which is annually growing at 20%. Ebel enjoys 5% share in the global luxury watch segment.

Founded 95 years ago in 1911, Ebel, the “Architects of Time,” in 2005, launched ‘Haute Joailerie,’ a collection of hand crafted jewelry watches, which are claimed to be precious, refined, inventive and original, work of art.

Thomas Van Der Kallen, President of Ebel, who was recently in India, launched Ebel’s new collection of, diamond studded, supple and comfortable, Brasilia watches. Brasilia is billed as the new collection that marries the brand’s classic curves with ultra modern lines, achieving a timeless fusion of design that guarantee its enduring beauty. Brassilia watches are priced between US$2065 (Rs. 93,000) and US$ 15105 (Rs. 6,80,000).

Source: Business Standard


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