Short duration programme on Visual Merchandising

visual_merchandisingMany of our readers keep inquiring about specialised courses in specific areas of retail management, e.g., visual merchandising, category management, food handling.

While, we wish to continue to keep providing information on such courses, both ‘on campus’ and distance learning, we must clarify that we neither recommend nor endorse claims, about quality or content of such courses, made by their respective providers . Those interested in the courses should directly get in touch with the providers of such courses and ascertain for themselves on suitability or otherwise of the same.

We give below information on one such, short duration, course on Visual Merchandising being offered by London School of Communication:

This course by Julianne Lavery, an interiors stylist and dresser, teaches the fundamental principles, inspiration and techniques involved in visual merchandising. The key focus is on lifestyle interiors. Dressing a window and merchandising with interior products traditionally falls into the category of retail establishments. The course will look at how this role can diversify into different vocations, such as events. Students will learn how to understand design concepts, design skills, (colour, form, balance, pattern, texture, scale, grouping), presentation skills, company branding, practical techniques and trend forecasting.

The group will have a half-day retail excursion to analyse merchandising techniques. Project 1 will test practical skills, using methods and products for a table-top presentation. Project 2 will harness conceptual thinking and work on design and presentation skills. A lifestyle board will be produced and a verbal critic presented to the group.

Dates: March 19 to 23, 2007 (Weekdays.) Duration: (1 week), Time: 10.00–16.00 hrs. Cost: £295. Location: London (Southampton Row)

Contact: e-mail / URL


2 responses to “Short duration programme on Visual Merchandising

  1. hi can I know more about this please

  2. Please visit their website by clicking on the URL link provided in the report.

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