Is Reliance ‘Fresh’ more expensive than Spencer’s?

vegetablesIn a comparative study of prices offered by Reliance Fresh vis-a-vis other retail stores in Hyderabad, it was found by the Hindu Business Line, that barring premium potatoes, the prices of other staple vegetables like onions and tomatoes, were much cheaper at Spencer’s than Food World and Reliance Fresh.

For example, price of Onion Economy at Fresh @Rs. 9.25/kg was 23.33% higher than Spencer’s @Rs.7.50kg. Similarly, the price of Onion Premium at Fresh @Rs. 12.25/kg was 37.64% higher than the Spencer’s price of Rs. 8.90/kg. The price of country Tomatoes at Fresh was 28.33% higher at Rs. 7.70/kg than Spencer’s price of Rs. 6/kg. Only, Premium Potatoes at ‘Fresh’ @ Rs. 14.90/kg. were, however, 21.68% cheaper than at Spencer’s @ Rs.19/kg.

Prices at Food World in most cases were higher or almost equal than those offered at ‘Fresh.’

It may be recalled that while speaking to media Mr Sanjeev Asthana, President and CE, Agri-Business, had said that “We are partnering with the farmers and bringing fresh farm products directly to the consumers, thereby, ensuring affordable prices to customers and fair and transparent prices to the farmers.”


2 responses to “Is Reliance ‘Fresh’ more expensive than Spencer’s?

  1. wait & watch, settleing time is required.

  2. Honesty is an alien value in most of the companies today, Reliance is no exception.The statements made to Press and therefore to the people remain exciting sound bytes while to the consumer,newer formats means more spend from his wallet which is what all these companies target

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