Certified Retail Professional (CRP) – the Retail Programme of IRA

Retail industry is the sunrise industry. It is growing at a fast pace. The most interesting aspect of this industry is that it provides opportunities to all skill levels. We have been offering information on educational opportunities available in the area by providing details on the courses being offered by various institutes, academies, associations, etc. Today, we are glad to bring information on a certificate programme in Retail, which is being offered by the Retailers Association of India (RAI) in association with GurukulOnline Learning Solutions (GOLS).

Following are the programme particulars:

  • Eligibility : HSC & above
  • Duration : 35 Hours or Three Months whichever is earlier
  • Internship : One week of internship with stipend
  • Placement : 100% On merit & subject to the student successfully completing the course
  • Course fee : 7500/- (Inclusive of 35 hours Internet)
  • Contact: http://www.rai.net.in/irm.htmhttp://www.rai.net.in/irm.htm
  • Registration: www.instituteofretailmanagement.com
  • Further information: Mr. Lawrence Fernandes, Associate Director – Retail Learning
    (on 09324089915; email at lawrence@rai.net.in)

Course Content: The course comprises 12 subjects; The Retail Environment, Customer Buying Behavior, Job Description of a sales person, Merchandising Basics, Different Retailing Formats, Retail Loss Prevention and Shrinkage, Retail Selling Skills, Effective Communication, Customer Service Concepts, Personal Development, Personal Development, Introduction to Retail Operations, Retail Marketing.

Those interested may kindly contact concerned authorities directly.


One response to “Certified Retail Professional (CRP) – the Retail Programme of IRA

  1. Unable to open http://www.instituteofretailmanagement.com
    Course details are good.

    What are the other courses available?

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