Retail Management: Distance Learning

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Professional Career Development Institute (PCDI) of Georgia (USA) is offering a distance learning programme in retail management. They can be reached through their web site: or by phone at 1.800.417.2407.

The programme is open to all persons over 17 years of age. There are no restrictions on prior work experience or eductional qualification. Free registration at PCDI website entitles applicants to receive a free career kit.

The course fees, as obtained by one of the applicants, is US$ 689, which if so desired, can also be paid in installments (Down payment US$ 5+ 19 monthly installments US$ 36 each).

We have absolutely no idea of either quality or content of the programme, however, the programme is subject to Americation laws as my be applicable for such courses.

Those interested may directly get in touch online with the institute.


2 responses to “Retail Management: Distance Learning

  1. This is interesting. I am a housewife who has worked before and am now interested in pursuing a career in Retail Management. Given my time constraints, such courses do seem to be relevant, though I would be further interested in knowing of some similar courses available in India as well.

    Though I am doing my own search / research, but have found it difficult to get consolidated information with some quality recommendation.

    My suggestion to you would be to try and extend this site to provide further details on such relevant courses as this would create more interest for people like myself.

  2. ‘Thanks for your interest. we have planned to provide information on various courses/ training programmes on a regular basis. The authenticity, etc. has to be established by aspiring applicants only. We would, however, be happy to included personal experiences of those who have either applied or who have already undergone training. Reader contributions on new courses are also most welcome.

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