LG targets 22,000 retailers across country

LG LogoLG Electronics India is planning this year to add 22,000 new retailers to its present tally of 18,000 dealers across the country to grab a major market share in the emerging handset market .This will present dealers network to 40,000 dealers.

“We have planned out an aggressive marketing strategy to market our products. This is the first step of our business strategy,” said H S Bhatia, National Product Group Head GSM Mobile Phones.

LG has also planned to open two brand shops in Delhi, which will be exclusively for marketing and promotion of mobile phones. “We are planning to increase the number of brand shops to 20 by 2006. The whole of Northeast and Jammu and Kashmir is an emerging market with cellcos flowing there to launch their services,” Bhatia added.

The company having lined up an array of new handsets to be launched by 2007, is planning to launch 21 new models during 2007. LG would be launching around seven 3G enabled phones once the government comes up with the policy for the operators.

“LG is accepted as the No.1 handset manufacturer of 3G handsets in Europe and America. We are optimist about the market here in India,” he added.


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