Liquid RFID?

An Israeli company CrossID claims to have developed a way to mix chemicals with clothing fibers to create a very-difficult-to-replicate product identification and tracking system. CrossID CEO Moshe Glickstein says that his company has devised a way to put a chemical signature into fabrics, labels, inks, boxes and other materials. When a hand or door scanner tuned to a specific frequency is pointed at an item, chemicals mixed inside the item get excited and give off a signal. The signal, which differs with the addition or subtraction of different substances, then serves as an ID for the item.

CrossID’s goal is to become the most common printable ID (Remote readable ID) method worldwide that can be placed on money bills, papers, folios, wrappers or other objects, providing invisible and inexpensive tags (less then 0.1 cent) for any quantity, immune to radiation and high temperatures and being part of ordinary products manufacture in the same way as barcode is.

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