“No one can beat us in India”: Nokia

Nokia Logo“India is a big market especially for the telecom sector. We shall continue to be very active… the approach we have taken is to become local. Global scale but business is local,” said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, president and CEO of Nokia, the biggest cellphone retailing company in India and the world, in an interview to PTI.

With customer service and distribution network well in place, “We shall be very difficult to beat in this market,” added Olli Pekka. “We are far ahead of competitors having been in market for long time. Nokia is a strong brand and well respected in India.”

Nokia, is producing India specific tailor-made phones to cater to all sections of society. To maintain its leadership, Nokia is focusing on all segments like pricing, quality and country specific campaign in order. “Made in India, Made for India is what we believe in,” he added. The company has also planned to carry out India specific advertising both in media and broadcasting. By 2008, India is expected to become second largest cellphone market in the world.

Indian market is extremely competitive like other markets and Nokia will have to have great portfolio as well quality. It is very important that even in low-end market not only price but features and quality are maintained, he said.Despite maintaining its leadership both in cellular phones and network, Olli-Pekka said, there was no space to be complacent. “We need to continue do well and one needs to perform in all relevant business areas,” he added.


One response to ““No one can beat us in India”: Nokia

  1. nokia is livingin fools paradise . they are loosing ground due to bad quality and WMS with hyped prices , and then talk about being no 1 … time to look around …

    MOTOROLA might be nail in there coffin.

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