Employment to grow rapidly; retail, media and FMCG in the lead

employees Retail, media and FMCG have taken a leap to join the league of IT and financial services sectors in the employment outlook survey made by TeamLease India, a staffing solutions company reports the Hindu Business Line.

The survey, covering 490 companies across eight cities — Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad, indicated the highest index points of 95 for hiring by the retail, media and FMCG sectors followed by IT with 94 and financial services 91. Bangalore has been projected as the highest Business Outlook Index point, followed by Mumbai and Delhi, in the next three months. Bulk of the recruitment will be at the junior level at 86 per cent.

“Given the buoyancy in the market and the expectation of 10 million people to be recruited every year (as per the Planning Commission Report), the employment market is likely to witness a rapid growth in the next few years,” says Ms Nirupama V.G., Associate Director, TeamLease.

Hiring trends across functions project marketing as the highest performer at 31 per cent followed by IT 18 per cent, production 17 per dent, finance and others 11per cent, administration 8 per cent and human resource 4 per cent.


3 responses to “Employment to grow rapidly; retail, media and FMCG in the lead

  1. Though there is a huge demand of manpower in wake of explosive growth in the retail sector, we as a country are woefully prepared to fulfill the numbers as there would be a large skill gap leading to a mass confusion and the companies performance would get affected in terms of delivery and cost effectiveness.
    Proactive people strategies have to be made and the same should get weaved into the business strategy as a key measure of ascertaining the overall effectiveness.Demand and supply of right talent is going to be a key strategic issue affecting the outcome of growth and profitability.

  2. You are absolutely right. While, entrpreneurship and financial resources are available in abundance, manpower is going to become the critical growth determinant. Although, 70% of the manpower required in retail does not require high quality skills, what is worrying is its commitment to work. Like it happened in initial phase of infotech boom, it may not be a bad idea to open trainingup school offering short duration courses in basic skills. Efforts should also be intensified to design short term post graduate diploma programmes to fill in middle level positions. Most of the mushrooming management schools offering BBA and MBA programmes could be roped in to do the trick.

  3. I could not agree with you more. In my opinion as well, employment in Retail business in India is reaching a stage in the overall cycle, what ITES reached a few years back i.e. shortage of key skills and competencies .

    Whereas, with the abundance of manpower in the country, there are people available, however, getting trained and skilled resources is going to be the biggest challenge for HR professionals. Hence, your suggestion of having relevant and focussed courses in good institutes is extremely important and necessary. I guess proactive management institutes are already realizing the potential of this industry requirement and have started off some specific courses but clearly more needs to be done going forward and in my opinion in very short term itself.

    One positive out of this is that this is a people intensive industry and hence the potential of employment generation is extremely high and hence if we are able to get our act better on this, this can turn out to be a huge opportunity.

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