Speciality outlets for students and women

The Kishore Biyani owned Future group is getting ready to roll out two new exclusive speciality retail formats, TOP 10 andkishorebiyani ETHNIC CITY, having typical store size of between 5000 to 8000 sq ft, in the fashion apparel and accessories segment, to exclusively cater to the needs of students and women, reports the Economic Times.

The group will soon launch two Top 10 stores in Mumbai and about 20 more in the near future. While, Top 10 stores will offer trendy apparel, accessories and footwear as well as the latest electronics gizmos, including mobile phones, Ethnic City on the other hand will offer every thing that a woman wants, said Biyani.

The look-and-feel of the new stores is being designed by Bangalore-based design firm Idiom Design & Consulting.
Incidentally, the group has recently also firmed up plans to launch a mega discount store chain Brand Factory offering fashion brands at factory price. The group has aggressive plans for the fashion apparel and accessories segment.

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